Dr. Sofia Kantorovich designs image for cover of Soft Matter

The publication Soft Matter has used a design by COLLDENSE coordinator, Dr. Sofia Kantorovich, on the cover of their 2016 Issue 15. Dr. Kantorovich also recently contributed a paper ‘Revealing the signature of dipolar interactions in dynamic spectra of polydisperse magnetic nanoparticles‘ to the publication.

Dr. Marcello Sega’s article in JCP Editors’ Choice

Congratulations to Dr. Marcello Sega whose article ‘Layer-by-layer and intrinsic analysis of molecular and thermodynamic properties across soft interfaces’ has been selected as a 2015 Editors’ Choice by the Journal of Chemical Physics, awarded to the most influential and innovative articles of the year. The Editors’ Choice articles are freely available online until the end […]

Blog Post: ‘Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done’ by Javi Fernández Castañón

Our Blog feature gives members of COLLDENSE the opportunity to discuss their role and experiences within the network. In this post, Early Stage Researcher Javi tells us about his research and experiences with COLLDENSE so far. Robert A. Heinlein published his novel “The Rolling Stones” in 1952. This fiction story about the Stones family, inhabitants […]

Prof. Christos Likos receives Sofronios-Elias Papadopoulos Prize

Congratulations to Professor Christos Likos, of the University of Vienna, who was presented with the Sofronios-Elias Papadopoulos prize of the National Technical University of Athens in recognition of his outstanding ongoing contributions to Condensed Matter Physics. Read more here.

Prof. Daan Frenkel Awarded Boltzmann Medal

We are delighted to congratulate Professor Daan Frenkel of the University of Cambridge, who has been awarded the prestigious Boltzmann Medal for his contributions to the field of Statistical Mechanics. Read more here.

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